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1. Beginner - EDT Syllabus (13hrs) - €420
This Package is tailored for those looking to learn to drive with little or no previous experience. It will cover the entire 12 hour EDT syllabus set out by the RSA, starting with basic theory on the cars mechanics right up to the practical driving test of any Category 'B' vehicle. In most cases the after completing this course the applicant is very much capable for sitting a full Licence driving test. The course content covers the following:
1. Car Controls & Safety Checks
2. Correct Positioning on Road
3. Observation Driving + Turning
4. Progression Managment
5. Taking off from a Hill
6. Reversing & Turning
7. Identifying Hazards
8. Dealing with Roundabouts
9. Entering & Exiting Junctions
10. Mirrors & Observation
11. Emergency Braking & car control.
12. Forwards / Reverse / Parallel Parking

2. Advanced Drivers - 5 hours €175
This course is aimed at those already confident with the basics of driving, but yet feel they are not quite ready to deal with certain situations on the road. It will cover many additional features in addition to the beginners package but most importantly, giving the driver the confidents to enter into situations that they may not have been able to deal with previously. Course covers the following:
1. Improving Driver confidence
2. Hazard Prevention
3. Identifying driver behavior
4. Car control / handling
5. Advanced Driving
6. Introduction to the Irish Driving test

3. Pre Driving Test - 5 hours €150/ €175* (Driving test car hire now available)**
The aim of this course is to provide the driving test candidate with the best possible chance for a pass first time round. With this course you can expect to be given the most up-to-date info on what the driving testers are looking out for when conducting a driving test. Below is what will be covered:
1. 5 hours of expert tuition
2. What can be expected on the day
3. Test routes studied & covered
4. Confidence Building
5. The marking scheme
6. Preparation for 'On the day'

* Charges outlined above are €150 for the use of your own personal carin lessons OR €175 for the use of the Driving School car for lessons.
** To rent the school car for driving tests is possible, but it will be charged separately at an addition rate of €100.

4. Individual lessons - Hourly €40
Individual lessons are catered for, however please be aware that I charge separately for individual lessons to the packages listed above. To avail of the best offers possible it is recommended that you choose a package deal, and get comprehensive tuition opposed to partial knowledge.

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